"Designers need to shut up!"

Jul 30, 07:28 PM

I don’t know how it is in other countries, but in France at least, designers need to learn to shut up. Designers know nothing, that’s a fact. However, they tend to object. Should they shut up, they’d learn something.

You know nothing of your client’s field of work. Have you been a physician, a banker, a criminologist for more than 15 years? No? So, shut up!
You know nothing of your client’s clients’ reality. Sold bus tickets, magazine subscriptions or cars for a while? Naaa… just shut up!
You know nothing about your client’s change capabilities, so why be so bluntly disruptive? Just. Freaking. Shuddup!

The rest of the workforce can hardly represent, materialize, tangibilize what they think of in other ways than actually making them. You have Oz-level capabilities. Your “make believe” abilities do the job of making it real at a fraction of the cost. That’s your key differentiator. Listen, listen, listen, sketch, listen a bit more, you might end up adding some value.

Tangibilize stuff and people other than yourself will realize, actually that idea sucked balls! Who cares, you’re right? Your job is to ensure your client is.
Tangibilize stuff and marketing will start speaking to IT, finance to producers. Tangibilize stuff and those tens of hundred pages of specification will vanish. Tangibilize complicated stuff, people will help you make them simple.

You won’t solve the problem, but you have a damn fine tool to help frame it.
So, shut up and give people a hand here.

Lalao HM. Rakotoniaina