“Design makes problems worth throwing money at!”

Mar 29, 05:16 PM

I am a designer. If you ask a me a question, what you get is some sort of project re-definition. Re-assessing the situation is the process by which I try – hard – to understand your question. In doing so, I might come to one of these conclusions:

  • “this is out of my reach!”
  • “this question makes no sense.”
  • “I’d rather have it another way.”

Still, I won’t give you an answer right away. How annoying is that?!

Three times out of three though, I help you save money. Whether by making you ask someone else – “[man], this is out of my reach” -, or just by killing your question – because, well, “it [made] no sense”… at all.

In the third case you actually get to invest your money better. By re-framing the question, I help you make it worth throwing money at. A question which redefines your priorities, letting you envision something else, something unexpected, innovative maybe? That’s what a designer is for.

Well, it’s true that you could ask your friends and family too and it might even work out really great. It’s just that we designers do this 24/7, no pause, no gimmick and no “you owe me one, remember?” kind of thing. You might consider buying in on practicality and efficiency.

Design is about purpose first, aesthetics are a default by-product. Would you ask a car salesman wether the engine runs when ignited? I mean, come on! Designers do make things look and feel elegant. But that’s not why you hire them.

Now, if you really feel what you lack is great looks, there are plenty of unchallenged furniture, visual, clothing, apparel, plastic boxes stylists out there and some of them might even charge you for calling them designers.

Lalao HM. Rakotoniaina