“Be agile, don't title-stumble!”

Nov 10, 04:18 PM

The most progressive usability, accessibility and desirability advocates are the same folks who give their clients the hardest time through naming jargon and methodology gibberish. User-centered, Human-centered, User-centric, User-experience. What kind of excrementum bovis is this?

When you come from an engineering background and eventually uncover that real people end up actually using your “engine”, you need to be precise and really parse out the moment. You know, for capitalization. When you have spent countless time, effort and creativity on a form of design that is mostly tech-centered, underlining that at some point you went human-centered makes a big difference.
Believe it.

Comparatively, when you come from a design background – and happen to quote latin BS a lot – , you see no form of design that could be anything else but “human-centered”. You could even argue that in a greater scheme, the tech-centered genius him-self is working to advance humanity.
So there.

Yes! I am being sarcastic.

I know convergence happened – among other stuff. And I know designers out there who still argue that design is a process not a specialty, bla bla bla. Yet, I contend that engineering is an equivalent – though different – creative process too. So, for the sake of clarity when your job is to have a design in mind, why not just keep “designer” in your title and discard the rest? All of it.

On the job everyday, I meet people who rock at problem solving, others blow my mind in re-framing them and some others are perfectly capable of both. These people hang around carrying ludicrous titles. Well, I think every project has a design phase and an engineering phase – not necessarily in that order – regardless of who these tasks are assigned to.

Be safe, be agile, get rid of the title – seca excrementum bovis

Lalao HM. Rakotoniaina